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* All calculations are based on GLEC framework

About us

Unifeeder offers premium feeder & container services, catering to its Customer’s needs by exercising utmost flexibility to meet the dynamic demands of the market. We strongly emphasize on quality over quantity by practicing service integrity and reliability.

  • Our Milestone Events


  • 3rd Mar 2022 Formation of Unifeeder Dubai
    • 1st April 2022 Formation of Unifeeder - Singapore Branch
    • May-2022 Launch of Mozambique - Jebel Ali - India (MJI) service.
    • 4th June 2022 Taken delivery of Topaz Lena from POML to launch JSS2 for CMA / Sudan


  • Jan-21: Launch of RGS service from India/Pakistan/UAE to Red Sea.
    30th May 2021: 
    • 1st July 2021: Welcome Transworld Feeders ( India & UAE) and Avana Global & Avana Logistek into the Unifeeder family.
    • 24th Nov 2021: Launch of SIS service from Singapore/Port Klang to DPW NSICT and MICT


  • Jan-20 DPW /Unifeeder taking over management.
    • Mar-20 Launch of Jeddah Sudan service (JSS) with the EF Emma
      Nov-20 Launch of CISC2 service covering Central China to India West Cost.


  • Feedertech hits an Annual Volume of 750,000 TEUs

2015 / 2016

  • Begins embarking on upsizing all service’s vessel capacity as well as operating shuttles between Colombo, Sri Lanka and Chittagong, Thailand to meet the demands of its Customers.


  • Establishes feeder service FME that starts from Korea and goes through North China all the way to Chennai, India.


  • Establishes feeder service from Thailand, South East Asia to Dubai.


  • Office expansions in Malaysia and China


  • Establishes feeder service from North China through to the Indian Sub-Continent via Singapore and Port Klang



  • Expand with calls to Calcutta


  • Establishes its very first office in Cantonment Road, Singapore. Being the very first Feeder Operator to link South East Asia to the Gulf via India with the GIS service