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Feedertech joins Unifeeder Group

December 3rd 2019: We are excited to announce that Feedertech Group has been acquired by DP World/Unifeeder, the largest Pan-European feeder and shortsea operator.

We are excited to announce that Feedertech Group has been acquired by DP World/Unifeeder, the largest Pan-European feeder and shortsea operator.

DP World/Unifeeder will own a 77% stake in the Feedertech Group. The Group’s founder, Ali Maghami, will retain the remaining 23% shareholding. The transaction is expected to close year end.
Founded in 1977, the Unifeeder Group is an integrated logistics company. With connectivity to well above 100 ports, Unifeeder has the largest and best-connected feeder network and a rapidly growing shortsea business in Europe, Northern Africa, and the Black Sea region. Unifeeder is owned by the DP World Group, a leading enabler of global trade and an integrated supplier to numerous supply chains, who operates multiple yet related businesses – from marine and inland terminals, maritime services, logistics, and ancillary services to technology-driven trade solutions. The Feedertech Group will benefit from global scope, size and presence of the new majority owners which in turn will enable Feedertech’s brands to expand further and beyond present geographies and products. Together with Unifeeder, Feedertech and Perma will now have the capability to combine their offerings to cover feedering and regional shortsea connectivity in Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent.

“Feedertech has enjoyed great success over the years and we are proud of our achievements. We believe the transaction with Unifeeder, and the support of DP World, will allow us to take the business to the next stage of its growth. Both Feedertech and Unifeeder share similar business models and a desire to reduce inefficiencies, and by combining the expertise of the two entities, we believe we can deliver a high-quality product for our customers. Furthermore, being part of the DP World family, will allow us to benefit from their deep relationship with end-customers and wide global network. We look forward to a prosperous future together,’’ says Ali Maghami, Chairman of the Feedertech Group.

“This is yet another strategic step in our vision to build a global presence, offer a broader network of solutions to customers and leverage the way we engage with them to create the most comprehensive and integrated solutions across multiple geographies. We are excited to be joining forces with a company that operates on the same values as us. Feedertech’s asset-light business model and approach to preserve the common-user independent platform that focuses on flexibility, reliability and providing sustainable logistic solutions, made it a clear fit for Unifeeder,’’ says Jesper Kristensen, CEO of Unifeeder.
The Feedertech Group will continue to operate on an independent basis and expects to facilitate additional opportunities and growth as a consequence of the transaction.

About Unifeeder Group:
The Unifeeder Group is an integrated logistics company with the largest and best-connected feeder network and rapidly growing shortsea business in Europe, Northern Africa, and the Black Sea region with connectivity to well above 100 ports.
As a key player in global and regional supply chains, Unifeeder plays a critical role as a facilitator of integrated supply chains, simplifying the complex tasks of choosing and managing supply chains by providing efficient and sustainable transport solutions.
By expanding the network, coming up with innovative solutions and being agile in day-to-day operations, Unifeeder helps its customers to concentrate on their core business in an ever more competitive world where logistics takes on strategic importance.

About DP World:
DP World is the leading enabler of global trade and an integral part of the supply chain. The company operates multiple related businesses – from marine and inland terminals, marine services, logistics and ancillary services, to technology-driven trade solutions.
DP World’s portfolio of more than 150 operations in over 50 countries across six continents gives them a significant presence both in high-growth and mature markets.
Container handling is the company’s core business and generates more than half of its revenue. In 2018, DP World handled over 70 million TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) across their portfolio. With a pipeline of committed developments and expansions, DP World expects the current gross capacity of 91 million TEU to rise in line with market demand.

About Feedertech Group:
Feedertech Group includes two business units; Feedertech, a feedering service, and Perma, a regional shortsea network. The group caters to its customers’ needs by exercising the utmost flexibility to meet the dynamic demands of the market, and strongly emphasizing on quality over quantity by practicing service integrity and reliability.
The Singapore-based company was founded in 2003 and had gradual expansion over the years, launching various innovative common carrier services. Today the group counts 290 employees in 23 countries and provides reliable links to 50 ports across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent.