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Unifeeder Acquires Feeder and Regional Trade Operators

August 19th 2020:We are happy to announce that the Unifeeder Group, through our Unifeeder ISC platform, today announced the acquisition of Transworld Feeders FZCO, Avana Logistek Limited, including its subsidiary Avana Global FZCO, and Transworld Feeders Pvt

Gaining full-scale capability and coverage in Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Northern Africa, Middle East & the Indian Subcontinent and Asia.

We are happy to announce that the Unifeeder Group, through our Unifeeder ISC platform, today announced the
acquisition of Transworld Feeders FZCO, Avana Logistek Limited, including its subsidiary Avana Global FZCO, and
Transworld Feeders Pvt. Ltd., the containerised Indian coastal and EXIM feeder shipping operations of Shreyas
Shipping and Logistics Limited, excluding vessels and bulk operations. Avana Logistek and Avana Global cover 60
ports, whereas Transworld Feeders and Shreyas Shipping and Logistics cover 53 ports.

Established in 1982, Transworld Feeders and Avana Global are leading independent feeder and NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers) operators, offering container feedering services and regional trade solutions
connecting a wide range of ports in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Far East with a number of central hub
ports in the region, including the central hub port of Jebel Ali (UAE). Combined, the companies handle approximately 1.2m TEU annually.

“Our strength lies in our strong customer relationships, local expertise, and network across the Indian Sub-continent, which have allowed us to deliver an efficient product to the market. The acquisition of three of our portfolio
companies, will provide Unifeeder ISC with a robust platform to jointly deliver a more complete range of solutions to
our customers. We look forward to building on our continued legacy as a globally renowned independent shipping
and logistics conglomerate,” says Ramesh S Ramakrishnan, Chairman of the Transworld Group.

Through Transworld Feeders and Avana Global, Unifeeder now has a strong presence towards the west of the
Indian Subcontinent and complement our recent acquisition of Feedertech and Perma Shipping, which especially have a strong market position in the trades towards the east. Through Shreyas Shipping and Avana Logistek,
Unifeeder now has the ability to offer a broader range of Indian based door-to-door solutions.

“We are excited to be united with a company that shares our values. Transworld Group’s asset-light business model
and continuous goal to be the preferred business partner for logistics solutions is in perfect line with the Unifeeder
way of working. Both Unifeeder Group and Transworld Group have always aimed for the best solutions for our customers, and with this expansion, we will increase the logistics capabilities of both groups, which delivers greater
flexibility and efficiency for our customers,” says Jesper Kristensen, CEO of Unifeeder Group.

The deal is expected to close in 2020.

About Unifeeder Group:
The Unifeeder Group is an integrated logistics company with the most comprehensive and best-connected feeder network and rapidly growing shortsea business in Europe, the Middle East, the wider
Indian Subcontinent and Asia Region with connectivity to more than 150 ports.

As a key player in global and regional supply chains, Unifeeder Group plays a critical role as a facilitator of
integrated supply chains, by providing efficient and sustainable transport solutions.

By expanding the network, coming up with innovative solutions, and being agile in day-to-day operations,
Unifeeder Group continues to support customers to concentrate on their core business in an ever more
competitive and integrated world.

About Transworld Group:
The Transworld Group is one of the leading shipping and logistics solution providers with strong presence
in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and the Gulf Region, operating more than 30 vessels and handling
more than 1.2m TEU annually.

With strong founding principles of the organization, the Group has grown into a multi-faceted shipping,
marine and logistics conglomerate in the Region with a commitment for providing the highest level of
services to its valued customers.

With expertise that covers a complete range of solutions from ship owning (owned and managed fleet
of 24 vessels, container/MPP and bulk carriers), feeders, liner, logistics, freight forwarding, multimodal
transportation, cold chain, warehousing and end-to-end supply chain management, the Group is a reliable partner for corporations seeking world-class logistics and associated services.

About DP World:
DP World is the leading provider of smart logistics solutions, enabling the flow of trade across the globe.
Their comprehensive range of products and services covers every link of the integrated supply chain
from maritime and inland terminals to marine services and industrial parks as well as technology-driven
customer solutions.

DP World’s portfolio of more than 123 operations in over 50 countries across seven continents gives them
a significant presence both in high-growth and mature markets.

Read more about these acquisitions here” #SmartTrade