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Feeder services

Leading container feeder service provider with reliable links to ports across Asia & Africa

Our Feeder services caters to its customers’ needs by exercising the utmost flexibility to meet the dynamic demands of the market, and strongly emphasizing on quality over quantity by practicing service integrity and reliability. Providing reliable links to vast network of ports across Asia, the Middle-East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. With our feeder services, we act as a vital link for international container shipping lines by providing them with easy coverage of ports and regions beyond their reach. The Unifeeder feeder network forms a crucial part of regional and global supply chains. Working on fixed schedules, our vessels provide rapid service from large hubs to and from smaller ports.

TradeLens Unifeeder

Domestic Services - India region

Strengths & Unique Selling Points

  • Operating a fleet of more than 12 vessels.
  • Connecting East coast and West Coast of India.
  • Preferred Feeder operator in India for Main line operators offering services on the Coast of India.
  • Servicing all major Ports on the Coast of India.
  • Group companies and extensive agent network facilitate complete shipping and logistics solutions.
  • Deep understanding of the market and its dynamics. Focus on long term growth.
  • Adequate tonnage deployed on Coast of India.
  • Offer arrangement for one way lease units of main lines and assure delivery of inventory in time.
  • Dedicated , Focused approach and unmatched service network.
  • Network coverage with a reach to all smaller ports in spite of draft restrictions.

Banze Studio-2

(International) EXIM Service - MEA & South East Asia

Strengths & Unique Selling Points

  • Operating a fleet of more than 30 vessels.
  • Connecting cargo flow between Far East, India , Red Sea, Africa and Gulf.
  • A healthy mix of vessels operating on our services. Ranging from nominal capacity of 500 TEUs to 7,000 TEUs.
  • Group Companies & extensive agent network facilitate complete shipping & logistics solutions.
  • Trusted by all MLOs and NVOCCs.
  • Service Product tailored to meet customers needs.
  • Dedicated and assured service network.
  • Customer Service that goes the extra mile.
  • Reliable, flexible and cost-effective container feeder service.
  • Focused approach and unmatched service network.
  • Able to operate both shuttle services as well as longer relay services centered around main transshipment hubs, serving all types of cargo needs & providing fast connectivity of transshipment cargo.


Safe Supply Chain

Marine Safety & Flexible Services

Unifeeder has an outstanding record for marine safety and high-quality vessels. Our fleet is tailor-made for feeder transport in all weather conditions and includes approximately 30 vessels with a carrying capacity of 500 to 7000 TEU's. The size of the fleet as well as the vessels themselves expand as trade in Asia & Africa continues to grow. This expansion ensures sufficient capacity at competitive rates for our customers.
With Unifeeder, your cargo is in good hands. Our extensive feeder network, and predictability of route traffic, enable us to benefit from large-scale operations while creating customized solutions. Flexibility and agility are the hallmarks of our service. Regardless of whether we need to identify and explore new and strategic opportunities for our customers or dealing with daily contingencies, Unifeeder takes pride in our responsiveness. 

Updated Schedule information

Delivering a reliable service is a cornerstone of the Unifeeder offer. One of the ways we achieve this is through fixed arrivals, departures, and frequently updated schedule information. Sign up below to receive an updated operational schedule (pdf format). 

Stop spending time on complex tracking processes. Spend it on developing your business. In our online sailing system you can easily access all information at your convenience.

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